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Ever since the spying app FlexiSPY was spotted in the hit tv series Mr. Robot, we’ve had way more visitors to the site than normal. What were they looking for? the answer of course, is that they were searching for phone spy software.

To help those in search of real insight, we’ve put together what we hope is the only guide you’ll need.

We’ll walk you you through how to use phone spy software, what to look out for before spending your cash, what this software can realistically do, how to install, and more.

1: What is phone spy software ( if you already have a good understanding of what phone spy software is).

Phone spy software, also known as  is a type of bugging application that is virtually installed on mobile phones. This software can enable conversations to be heard and recorded from phones upon which it is installed, it can also monitor IM clients such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, etc.

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Basically, the software captures everything that’s going on in the phone to which it’s installed. It then securely sends the captured information to a portal where you can view the info in a visual manner.

2: What can it realistically do? In the past we’ve seen tv shows and movies portray phone spy software in a light that just isn’t realistic. In one television series, a hacker was able to send the software through SMS to the targeted cell phone. When the message was opened the spy app was surreptitiously installed and the guy at the other end of the phone didn’t have a clue! But that’s just not possible.

Phone spy software can’t be sent or installed magically through the air and onto a phone. Anyone trying to sell you this idea is a dirty fibber. There’s so much disinformation though that it’d take ages to rebute it all, instead you can have a look at the point below which layout what phone spy software CAN do, plus any limitations

So except for doing the dishes and drying them, phone spy software does practically everything you’d think it would. (Kidding about the last part, though that’d be awesome!)

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3: Phone spy software for iPhone Even with all of the security that Apple has put in place, there is space to sneak in a spying app onto their devices.

Most spy software for iPhone requires that the iPhone is Jailbroken before the app can even be downloaded and installation completed. We’re not going to explain all the details of jailbreaking in this article, but it’s important for you to know this limitation.

Right now there is only one spy app on the market that works on a non jailbroken iPhone, but we wouldn’t technically call it a spy app, more like a monitoring solution.

This solution comes from mSpy, and it requires that the iPhone in question has iCloud Backup turned on. You’ll also need to know the password of the iCloud account in order for everything to work. Lastly you should keep in mind that with this no jailbreak solution you’ll only be able to get a small glimpse into the data compared to a fully fledged spy phone app.